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Leonard Nimoy as Mr Spock handcrafted wooden wall / desk art

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This A4 picture of Leonard Nimoy as everyone’s favourite Vulcan, Mr Spock, is handmade from FSC approved plywood. It has a D-ring on the rear for wall mounting and an integral stand to allow display on a desk or shelf.

The artwork is manually cut from a single sheet of 3mm plywood using a hand-held fretsaw – the design was created specifically for this portrait. The ‘cut-out’ is then mounted onto a further sheet of plywood stained with a water-based, eco-friendly wood stain. The background colour is “Brooklands” a greeny grey hinting at Spock’s emotional detachment.

This picture of Mr Spock is finished using a natural, food-safe hard wax.

Additional information


Width: 30cm
Height: 21 cm
Depth: 1.5 cm


FSC certified birch plywood

Product Care

As this portrait is finished using a wax, it's not suitable for damp environments such as bathrooms or kitchens. The colours may fade and the finish degrade if the art displayed in direct sunlight such as that found in a conservatory.

To look after the artwork, simply lightly dust with a DRY cloth. You should NOT use a damp cloth or furniture polish on this item.


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