Our belief is that anything we make should have the smallest possible negative impact on the planet and should be safe for our customers to have in their lives.

We procure materials, where possible, that are either reclaimed or ethically sourced. We purchase products with the minimum of harmful chemicals.

If you think there’s a way in which we can improve our ecological credentials, please let us know at

Wooden Art Materials

Mark uses a very limited set of ‘ingredients’ to make cut-out artwork:

  • Plywood
    We use 3mm plywood for the backing and cut-out portion of our art. We only purchase plyood with the FSC logo.
  • Wood stain
    We use water-based, eco-friendly stains from Village Green
  • Finish
    We finish all of our artwork with either soft beeswax or a food-safe, hard wax product. The hard wax is a blend of natural waxes. Both are from Parr’s
  • Glue
    We bond wooden parts together using PVA glue. Whilst it’s the strongest and cleanest adhesive that we’ve found to work with, it is a product of the petroleum industry.
  • Framing timber
    We use reclaimed timber to create the frames on some of our pictures. The wood may come from a fencepost that we found washed up on the shore line, a fallen tree from our garden or somebody’s discarded wardrobe. We strive to say where the frame came from (although sometimes we can’t remember where hoarded wood was sourced)